LIC Health Plan

LIC Health Plan Features:

✅ With a single policy, you can cover your complete family including spouse, children, parents and parents in law.
✅ Covers 140 major surgeries and 140 daily care procedures.
✅ Daily Cash Benefit: ₹4000.
✅ Major surgery benefit: ₹4,00,000, Day care benefit: ₹20,000, Other surgery benefit: ₹8000
✅ Tax saving on premium: ₹2,126 per year
✅ Save Rs. 20 Per day, Get Health Cover upto ₹10 Lac

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    It helps to get rid of your medical expenses in the hospital.

    LIC is an insurance giant in the country. LIC always tries to offer a complete insurance package to its customers. The package contains various benefits and features to enhance the future experience of the customers by providing financial aid. The biggest financial problem in a family generally comprises life and health issues.

    LIC health scheme assures you and your future by covering these expenses, keeping you in the safest hands. LIC is one of the most trusted brands for taking insurance policies throughout the country. The insurance giant provides the best LIC health plan for an individual that has surpassed various landmarks by setting some phenomenal records in the domain of health insurance performance. LIC always keeps the best interests of the investors when investing their funds so that they could get maximum returns from them.

    LIC health policy is a non-linked policy that helps individuals by dealing with medical expenses. With increasing diseases and accidents every day, the medical bills are also increasing. Most of the people are not eligible to completely pay for their medical expenses. That is where the role of the LIC health plan emerges. It covers the medical expenses of the individuals according to their taken plans. They have to pay a premium to keep this plan running but it is very beneficial when some tragedy happens. The plan is not limited to individuals and it offers cover for the entire family. The best part of this health plan is that you can also add new members to this plan in case of marriage and childbirth.

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    Some of the most famous LIC Health plans are as follows: