Gram Santosh scheme RPLI (Rural Postal Life Insurance) is an endowment assurance scheme that comes under Rural Postal Life Insurance. This scheme works wonders for an individual who wants to avail the dual benefits of insurance and investment. This plan is valid for people across all economic and financial backgrounds. This scheme is by far, one of the most reliable insurance programs. This is an Endowment Assurance plan in the post office and is suitable for people trying to gain profits from insurance as well as an investment. This scheme ensures assurance to the insured a limited amount of sum and bonus that the policyholder holds up till a certain age. Even if there is a mishappening situation of a death, the policyholder or the nominee will be entitled to his entire sum of money along with the bonus.

Eligibility criteria:

Let us discuss the eligibility criteria for this scheme.

  • Employees from defence and paramilitary services, financial institutions, government banks, Reserve Bank of India, Autonomous bodies, Government educational institutions, and Extra Departmental Agents in the Department of post are eligible for this scheme.
  • The minimum age must be 19 years.
  • The maximum age is 45 years.
  • 35,40,45,50,55,58 and 60 years is the age limit for premium ceasing.
  • Rs 10 lakh is the maximum sum assured.
  • A nomination facility is available.
  • Rs 20,000 is the minimum sum assured.


Let us discuss a few key features of the Gram Santosh Rural Postal Life Insurance scheme.

  • Individual plan basis.
  • Endowment Assurance Type plan.
  • Variable policy term.
  • Monthly payment facility
  • Death benefits in form of full sum with bonus
  • Insurance cover will start to form the date of insurance.
  • No medical examination will be required if the age of the insured is less than or equal to 35 years or the sum assured is less than 5 lakhs.


Let us now discuss the benefits of the RPLI Endowment Assurance program.

  • Impressive Surrender Value: This scheme can be surrendered after 36 months with full payment made to the policyholder along with the bonus.
  • Mode of payment: The premium can be transacted through a cheque. But certain types of policies can also be paid through an online payment mode.
  • Applicable Income Tax Rebate.
  • Loans can be obtained by all policyholders after the completion of five years.
  • Rebate on the premium amount is paid for 2% if the annual premium is paid in advance and 1% if the premium for six months is paid in advance.

A piece of short and brief information has been provided above regarding Gram Santosh Rural Postal Life Insurance Scheme. Every detail that you must know from its key features and eligibility criteria of its gains and benefits has been provided above for your better understanding of the scheme.