LIC Child Plan

LIC Child Policy Features:

✅ Get ₹8,00,000 at ages 18, 20 and 22 when your child needs it the most.
✅ Lump-sum return of ₹82,00,000 when your child turns 25.
✅ Your investment is backed by sovereign guarantee from Govt. Of India.
✅ Tax saving on premium: ₹46,350/ Year | Tax saving on returns: ₹25,33,800
✅ Save Rs. 251 per day, get 51 Lac.
✅ Invest Rs. 120 Daily, Get Rs 27 Lac.
LIC Children plan provides financial support for child’s higher education & marriage. Secure Your Child Future Now.

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    In the current era, it is of utmost importance to secure a financially stable future for children. As the cost of education and living is growing exponentially, there must be enough money saved to get a good academic life. To achieve this particular aim, parents can invest in  LIC child plan. With these children plans, the proposer can get survival benefits if taken as an option or can get a direct lump sum at the end along with other additional bonuses.

    Few of the major benefits of this LIC policy for newborn baby are:
    Maturity benefit: Maturity benefit is claimed after the term of the plan is complete, as the insured will get assured sum along with additional bonuses if applicable.
    Death benefit: In case of death of the insured, the nominee will get the death benefit along with bonuses (after risk starts). If the death is claimed before risk starts, then already paid premium along with the tax is returned to the nominee.
    Premium waiver: This is a must-add rider in this LIC policy for baby girl, which secures the policy against the death of the proposer. In the case of the proposer’s death, the future premiums are waived off.
    Tax: The benefit acquired after the maturity is completely tax-free, and the premiums which are paid are exempted from tax as well.
    Loan: One can get a loan from the policy, but only after completing a certain period. (2 yrs for plans with less than 10 years and 3 years for 10 or more than 10-year plans).
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