Some of the notable features of this policy:

It is a perfect plan to support children’s educational requirements.
It has a premium waiver as an important feature.
The maturity amount received is tax-free 10 (10D) and also the premium payments of the plan are income-tax exempted under 80C.
The payments under the survival benefit from age 20-24 years can also be decided according to the need.

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    The Jeevan Tarun Plan is a policy that provides features that will support and protect the future requirements of children and can be purchased by parents and grandparents. This plan is specifically designed to support children’s education and to secure their future. The plan meets all the needs of growing children starting from their educational needs and other related necessities. The Jeevan Tarun Plan can be bought by the guardians for their 0-12 year-old children. The plan allows the choice of the survival benefit where the children will receive annual payments from ages 20 to 24 years to support their needs and the total sum at maturity of 25 years. The annual payment portion of the survival benefit can also be flexibly chosen by the proposer (parents or grandparents).


    The attractive benefits that are covered under this insurance plan are listed below:

    • Survival benefit: A particular assured sum will be payable after the age of 20 years until the age of 24 years. The sum assured can be chosen by the proposer at the time of purchasing the plan from the options available. The option chosen cannot be changed in the later stages of the plan. The five options are as follows:
    1. Option 1 –percentage of the sum assured is nil.
    2. Option 2- percentage of the sum assured is 5% each year.
    3. Option 3- percentage of the sum assured is 10% each year.
    4. Option 4- percentage of the sum assured is 15% each year.
    • Death benefit: The death benefit of the policy is given out in the case of the death of the assured under the policy regulations. There are two types of death benefits under this policy:
    1. Death of the insured after the premiums are paid (risk commenced): In this case, the assured sum of the death benefit is paid along with the additional bonuses and the reversionary profits.
    2. Death of the insured before the premiums are paid (risk not commenced): In this case, if the premiums are still due, then the nominee gets the amount which is paid as premiums.
    • Maturity benefit: In the case of survival of the assured till the end of the maturity period, then they are liable to get the maturity benefit. The amount paid as a benefit percentage depends on the option that has been chosen between the 1, 2, 3, and 4 which is 100, 75, 50, and 25 percent respectively.

    Key Points

    • Minimum age to enter: 90 days to 12 years of age
    • Assured sum: 75000 and above in multiples of 10000
    • Mode of premium payment: monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually
    • Term of premium payment: 20 – age at entry (in case of 5-year old child- 15 years)
    • Policy term: 25 – age at Entry (in case of 5-year old child-20 years)
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