In 1884, the Queen Empress created Postal Life Insurance (PLI), the nation’s earliest insurance, with the direct consent of her attorney general of State. In that era, this program was meant to be a support program for postal workers. It was then broadened to workers of the Telegraph Division in 1884. The highest coverage sum allowed was 4,000 INR at its commencement, but it is now 50 lakhs INR.

Postal Life Protection plans are among the handiest and competitively priced personalized finance solutions available. This postal life insurance scheme (PLI) provides life insurance coverage with significant high-end returns. The Centre Government provides this scheme to workers of State and Central Government Sectors Industries, Government Funded Schools or Colleges, Independent Entities, Partnership with at least 10% share of government, etc.

We offer post office life insurance policy of all types.

The following are a few of the additional advantages and incentives available through this scheme:

  • The policyholder is eligible for tax relief under Section 80C in the IT Act.
  • The interest rate charged for the amount guaranteed and insurance is significantly cheaper than the interest rate charged for any similar policy.
  • Assignment, Borrowing, Transfer, Withdrawal, and Reimbursed Amount are other choices available with this scheme.
  • At no extra cost, the coverage could be moved to anyone in India.
  • There is a passbook function accessible to monitor monthly payments and credit activities, among other things.
  • Premiums could be paid annually, semi-annually, or monthly. If the premium is ready, the insured may transfer the money anytime.
  • If anyone pays the premiums early for a 6 months insurance, that person will receive a 1% rebate on the rate.
  • If anyone pays the premiums early for 1-year insurance, that person will receive a 2% rebate on the rate.
  • It is possible to nominate someone.
  • The claims procedure is fast and straightforward because this plan includes a centralized accounting system.


This Insurance scheme is available to workers of the organizations mentioned below:

  • Armed forces
  • The central government
  • State government
  • Military officers
  • The reserve bank of India (RBI)
  • Enterprises in the government sector
  • Schools and colleges supported by the government.
  • Financial institutions
  • Banks that have been nationalized
  • Local organizations
  • Those employed on a term agreement in the state or central government, with the possibility of extension
  • Independent bodies
  • The staff of every banking institution listed on the schedule
  • Additional divisional officers in the postal service
  • Those who work at academic establishments have been certified by any recognized authorities like the AICTE, the NAAC, the MCI, etc.
  • Those working in any co-operative society which is recognized by the authorities under the society’s registration act. The central or state government may partially or entirely sponsor these, the reserve bank of India, nationalized banks such as NABARD and SBI, and so on.

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