The lowest entrance age for PLI whole life insurance plan is 18 years old, and the highest entrance age is 55 years old. As a maturing reward, it provides the insured person with a total guaranteed money and any bonuses (if any). In the event of the claimant’s unexpected demise, the total guaranteed money is given to the heirs, together with any bonuses (if any).

Post Office Suraksha plan provides a minimum value of 20,000 and a maximum total of 50 lakhs. In addition, if the insurance is in effect for longer than 12 months and the covered person is under the age of 57, the insurance can be changed into an investment plan.

Additionally, you could acquire a credit on your whole life insurance policy in PLI. However, you would not be entitled to any incentives if you take out the mortgage before the plan’s five-year term is over.


  • Policyholders are eligible for tax breaks as per Section 88 in the IT Act.
  • When compared to any other insurance coverage in the industry, the price for PLI schemes is significantly more inexpensive.
  • The passbook function allows insurers to keep track of monthly payments (for loans).
  • The premium can be paid monthly, semi-annually, or annually.
  • Policyholders can nominate beneficiaries under the policy.
  • Because the PLI system is organized, the claims procedure is simple and speedy.
  • Policyholders can receive a 1% rebate on the premium amount if they pay their premiums early for a 6 months insurance period.
  • Policyholders can receive a 2% rebate on the premium amount if they pay their premiums early for a 12 months insurance period.


  • Armed forces Those who work at academic establishments have been certified by any recognized authorities like the AICTE, the NAAC, the MCI, etc.
  • Additional divisional officers in the postal service
  • The staff of every banking institution listed on the schedule
  • Those employed on a term agreement in the state or central government, with the possibility of extension
  • The reserve bank of India (RBI)
  • Banks that have been nationalized
  • Schools and colleges supported by the government
  • Financial institutions
  • Banks that have been nationalized Enterprises in the government sector
  • Local organizations
  • Military officers
  • Independent bodies
  • State government
  • The central government
  • Those working in any co-operative society which is recognized by the authorities under the society’s registration act.
  • Armed forces

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