Gram Sumangal Rural Postal Life Insurance Scheme is also referred to as the RPLI Anticipated of Endowment Assurance is a money-back scheme policy. This scheme provides cashback to residents of rural areas regularly along with an insurance cover. Also known as the Anticipated Endowment Assurance post office scheme is ideally used by individuals who require periodic requirements of cash for short-term financial liabilities. This scheme targets to provide insurance cover to residents of the rural areas. This plan has two types of schemes mainly a scheme of 15 years and 20 years terms. This money-back policy ensures benefits at a periodic interval. Even in the case of an untimely death, the entire ensured sum and the bonus that was getting accumulated till the date of the death will be paid to the legal heirs.

Eligibility criteria:

Let us now discuss the eligibility criteria of the Gram Sumangal scheme post office.

Minimum entry age 19
Maximum entry age 45 for a 15-year term

40 for a 20-year term

Eligible employees State government

Reserve bank of India

Central Government

Local bodies

Defense services

Public Sector Undertakings

Para Military Forces

Government-aided educational institutions

All scheduled Commercial banks

Autonomous bodies

Financial institutions

Nationalized banks

Extra departmental agents in the department of posts

Features of Gram Sumangal

 Let us now discuss the important features of Gram Sumangal.

Plan type Anticipated Endowment Plan
Plan basis Individual plan
Paying terms Monthly
Mode of payment Premium receipt book or cheque
Policy term l  15-year term policy

l  20-year term policy

Funds 100% centrally funded
Medicals Any sum which exceeds Rs 25,000 requires a medical examination



Loan facility Not available
Assignment facility Not available
Alterations l  No alteration allowed

l  Can convert to Endowment Assurance plan

Nomination Acceptance
Minimum sum assured Rs 10,000
Maximum sum assured Rs 50,000
Surrender value No surrender value

Benefits of Gram Sumangal

Let us discuss the benefits of Gram Sumangal RPLI

  • Survival benefits


15-year term gram Sumangal 20-year term Gram Sumangal Survival benefit
6 years completion 8 years completion 20% sum assured
9 years completion 12 years completion 20% sum assured
12 years completion 16 years completion 20 % sum assured
15 years completion 20 years completion 40%sum assured


  • Death benefits: In case of untimely death, the assured person has ensured the total sum and the accumulated bonus and is payable without any adjustments.
  • Maturity benefits: On maturity of the policy term, the assured will receive the ensured sum along with the earned bonus extras.

A piece of short and brief information about the Endowment Assurance of Gram Sumangal has been mentioned above. Details pertaining to eligibility, features, and benefits have been efficiently provided.