Features of Jeevan Arogya scheme

High health cover every year.
Extra benefit apart from actual medical expenses.
There is no claim benefit.
Flexibility in paying premiums.
Flexibility in choosing premium benefits.

Jeevan Arogya plan of LIC is a single unique health insurance plan which covers some of the health hazards and diseases. It provides timely support in case of medical emergencies. This policy makes a family financially independent in the most difficult times.

These days health is a major concern for every individual. The medical expenses have also become unaffordable on a day to day basis. So to avoid these heavy medical expenses, LIC has come up with Jeevan Arogya health insurance scheme which will help the insurer as well as the family members of the insured. The scheme benefits all the family members and it helps you in the time of sudden medical emergencies. Secure your health through LIC’s Jeevan Arogya scheme.

How to choose your plan?
Check out how much you want to invest in your health cover in the annexure provided by LIC. Because there are different levels of plans which an individual can choose from; check how much monthly premium you will be able to pay with the concerned agent.

Who is eligible to insure?
The main insurer who is the main holder of the policy, his or her spouse, parents or in-laws of the insurer. You can insure all the members of your family under one health cover.

Age eligibility minimum maximum
Principal insurer 18 years. 65 years
Parents or in-laws 18 years. 75 years
Children.17 years. 91 years
All of the above individuals insured in the plan are eligible for health risks till the
age of 80 and children are insured up to the age of 25 and not more than that.

The benefits of this plan
• Premium waiver
• Hospital cash benefits
• Major surgery benefits
• Ambulance
• Day procedures

In Hospital Cash Benefit you can avail the daily amount of 1000 to 4000. In this benefit, there should be a maximum of 30 days hospitalisation in one year which also includes 15 days for 1st policy for each of the members. Maximum of 90 days, including 45 days in ICU from the second year onwards.

In Major Surgical Benefit the maximum annual benefit is 100% of the sum assured. The maximum lifetime benefit is 800% of Major surgical benefit of the sum assured.

In day care procedure, you will get 3 surgical procedures annually and 24 surgical procedures for a lifetime.

Another one is a surgical benefit, which is paid from the first day of hospitalisation but the minimum stay must be of 24 hours in the hospital.
These are the benefits which can be availed in this health cover. Apart from all these, there are several other options available in this Jeevan Arogya 904 scheme. To know more about this you can always approach the LIC agent or the insurance representative. They will guide you through the step by step process.

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