Mediclaim policies can be included in a list of some of the best options available to ensure that you and your family are safe and financially secure for the future, since medical emergencies don’t come with prior notice. A Mediclaim policy can be the solution in case such unexpected situations occur.

The Mediclaim policy which is best for you and your family

The right mediclaim policy should be chosen so that it can benefit you in the right way. Some factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing the best Mediclaim policy for you include:

  • Policy coverage– A Mediclaim policy for a family covers the entire capital and this is equally shared by each of the family members. The terms and conditions should be understood properly, especially where the number of claims that arise exceed one in a single policy year.
  • Premium– Premium refers to the amount to be paid at regular intervals that covers the medical emergencies when needed. The premium amount depends on factors like how old the oldest family member is, the total number of members, the amount of insurance and gender of included family members. A family with several young members has to pay a lower premium.
  • Claim settlement ratio– It determines the effectiveness and efficiency to settle the claim by the insurance company.
  • Network hospital– You must make sure that the Mediclaim policy you purchase has a hospital in your locality/area and also offers cashless Mediclaim treatment.
  • Research properly- Before buying a Mediclaim policy it is important to do proper research like customer reviews of different insurance providers, amounts of premium, etc.
  • Riders- Different types of riders are offered by various insurance providers. These include riders in case of accidental death, critical illness, etc. and offer extra an amount insured to you and your family.

You can choose the policy which best fits you/your family, and supports your budget.