In a country like India, where giving birth to a girl was considered a burden; the need for certain insurance plans dedicated to women’s future was felt the most. Amidst these, LIC came up with various plans which only targeted the future development of women. Spending a few pennies at present will let you earn a high interest in the future. This can be seen as an excellent opportunity to cover every girls’ education and marriage expenses in the country. LIC’s types of insurance products range from the child’s plans to plans for adult women.

The Child insurance plans of LIC are specially designed to ensure a child’s financial security and achieve their goals without worrying. Along with this, this plan also provides life protection in case of any mishap occurrence. Various LIC policies for a baby girl are available such as:

LIC New Children’s Money Back Plan:

This plan mainly caters to the educational, marriage, and other requirements of growing children. It also covers risk in the child’s life during the policy term.

LIC Jeevan Tarun:

This offers a combining benefit of life protection as well as savings for children. This plan ensures the educational proficiency of children.

LIC’s Kanyadan Plan:

Apart from this, LIC also covers girls’ expenses even after completing their education if proper investments are made at the right time. One such plan in LIC’s Kanyadan Plan. 

This is recognized as a perfect financial coverage for your daughter without paying a considerable amount of premium. It is a different kind of plan that covers girls’ expenses even after education, like the expense of their marriage. Apart from meeting the requirements, it also gives you maximum profit.