The corona virus has hit the world like a tsunami, devastating millions of lives and families. This pandemic has a rapid transmission rate, posing a serious threat at this moment. While we all are safe inside our homes during this lockdown, protecting ourselves from this fatal disease, we must ponder whether our LIC policy would cover corona virus risks or not. There is no need to worry because your LIC insurance would be valid for death risks caused by this lethal epidemic.

Most insurance policies normally have policies in place that insure against diseases and pandemics like coronavirus. According to LIC provisions, upon the demise of the policy holder, the nominee is entitled to a basic sum known as the death benefit. If at present you have an active plan, you can be assured that your family will receive this death benefit in case anything happens to you because of the corona virus. But the insurance companies can reject your claim of death benefit if you travel to any pandemic hit area against government regulations.

If you are considering buying a policy during this time, you should honestly share all your past travel history and future travel plans with your insurance company. Due to the global crisis, the policy application process may take a bit longer than usual. If you hide any facts providing information about the possibility that you could have contracted corona, your application will be rejected. If you have recently visited any coronavirus affected area, some companies might delay your application by 30 days from your return date.

So, it is perfectly okay to purchase a policy and secure your family’s future at this critical time. If you own an active plan, you can relax, because your insurance policy will support your family in this corona crisis, as long as you have provided honest information.